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Well, that was a really excellent episode. Thoughts I had, in no particular order:

Is it me, or did we get a story arc about Damon coming to terms with his humanity, now to be followed by a story arc about Stefan coming to terms with his vampire-ness?

The scene where Klaus was handing him blood was just chilling. I know the show has made much of Stefan's self-sacrificingness before, but this was the first instance of it that really viscerally grabbed me. Part of that, I'm sure, is this is the first time we see motivated not so much by an almost dispassionate morality but by a desperate level of emotion, and it's also the first time we see him sacrificing *himself*, as opposed to just his life. (I would argue that his life doesn't mean a lot to him, and his identity as "not an uncontrolled killer enslaved to his appetites" means everything.)

And speaking of Stefan's uncontrolled-killer phase, how sure are we that Klaus was talking about him, specifically, when he brought up that 1917 village? I mean, he well might have been, but that whole explanation vibed me a vibe like Stefan's problem with being totally incapable of moderation is not purely unique to him, like there's some percentage of vampires who just have that problem. Anyone else get that?

In re: the epic Damon/Elena scene of epicness which graced the ending... I have seen much debate as to whether or not that was a "real" kiss, and I guess I fall somewhere in the middle. I don't think she kissed him out of pity, or obligation; she has real feelings for him, and I think it was a genuine expression of them. That said, I think she would not have done it if he weren't dying. I am entirely certain that a large part of why Elena's been so firmly in denial about even the possibility of having feelings for Damon is that she is determined not to do to the brothers what Katherine did; not to dangle both of them. As such, I really feel there is exactly zero chance that she would have made such a significant move on Damon while still involved with Stefan under normal circumstances.

Circumstances not being normal, of course she kissed him.

So, obviously, given all that's happened, we're going to get some exploration of the whole Damon/Elena thing in season 3. That said, I really doubt they'll be getting together officially any time soon. The logistics, from a narrative standpoint, of hooking up without ever having had a chance to break things off cleanly with Stefan, who is off suffering horribly for their sake is... It cannot be done. My guess, *as things stand now*, is that we see the two of them getting closer, but holding themselves back because of Stefan-related guilt issues. Once Stefan has been recovered and is mostly himself again, I forsee either a period of uncomfortable not-dating-either-of-them, or she lets guilt and lingering tension from lack of resolution get her back with Stefan. If the latter, the best outcome, for me, from a narrative point, is for him to break up with her, because he's realized that she is in love with his brother.

Really, though, this show manages to move through plotlines at such a rate that such far-foward speculation will probably come to naught.
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