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So, I apologize in advance to anyone on my f-list who is entirely uninterested in my nerdish mix cds; I'm going to be uploading a few that I never got around to posting before this weekend. There may or may not be a post about what I think is the root cause of Alaric's issue with Damon flirting with Elena to break it up (hint: I don't think it's the vampirism or the murdering that's principally bothering him), but that depends on if my thoughts arrange themselves into some kind of coherency.

Meantime! This mix is kind of a do-over. I was never very happy with the mix I made for the "Historical Figures" challenge (for which I drew Nicolai Tesla). I tried too hard to shoehorn in songs about mad science, and too many of them didn't have nearly enough to do with Tesla. As a result, the mix always sounded disjointed and incoherent. Since it was bothering me, I went back, stripped out everything I thought wasn't working, and retooled the mix along new lines based on the little from version one that I thought was on the right track.

Conclusion: This is now an Edison/Tesla slash mix. I don't know whether to blame my brain or my mp3 collection, but I was clearly sabotaged by *something*. Fair warning: this is bittersweet at best. Their relationship didn't end well in real life, and the slash musical version is no different.

I don't have a detailed track-by-track analysis of this. It follows an imagined trajectory of a love affair between two geniuses who couldn't compromise, and is entirely from Tesla's pov. Also, is based on the assumption that Edison was an asshole. Starts out a young idealist, falling in love with both Edison and Science all at once, having to choose between them, and ending up a little bit betrayed and disillusioned.

Lonely at the Top of the Lightening Rod

Track List:

Science Fiction Double Feature, by Clam Chowder
Strange Ways, by Ace of Base
Part of Your World, by Alan Menken
Electric Chapel, by Lady Gaga
Catch the Tail by the Tiger, from Fraggle Rock
Magnetized, by Days Difference
Dreams we Conceive, by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Ride the Comet, by Ayreon
The Edge of Glory, by Lady Gaga
Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen
Age of False Innocence, by Blind Guardian
Are You Out There, by Dar Williams
Hope Eyrie, by Julia Ecklar
My Love was Like the Moon, by Vixy and Tony
Gonna Get Through this World, by the Klezmatics
The Phoenix, by Julia Ecklar
What is Eternal, by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Another Mad Science Love Song, by Seanan McGuire.
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