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Once again, the time is upon us for the Nerd Collective's Quarterly Mix Exchange. This time, our theme was "Fictional Places", and the prompt I drew was "The Court of Night-Blooming Flowers", from Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series, for [ profile] imifumei.

It was an interesting exercise in how difficult it is to find music about sex that isn't tawdry, angsty, shippy, angry, or something to be ashamed of. There was a certain very specific tone, and even more specific sound that I wanted to achieve here, and to be honest, I'm not sure how close I came. Closer to the mark then I was with the Tesla mix, anyway. (Speaking of which, I have actually totally redone that, I was so dissatisfied with it; would people like me to repost version 2, now with added Edison/Tesla shippiness?)

Without further ado:

Night Blooming Flowers (Megaupload link)

Ves'ka, by I have no idea whoOkay, I ripped this song of an AMV years ago, and I have no idea who it's by, or, for that matter, what it's titled. (Though I think that's the correct title.) That said, it is atmospherically perfect, and has exactly the tone I wanted.

Marry the Night, by Lady GagaHonestly, I'm not entirely sure why I wanted this song to be here, but I felt very strongly that it should be, so I gave in to that. I think it's principally the exuberance that I'm appreciating.

Taglio!, by Tricky PixieTechnically about gypsies, but mostly about dancing and finding yourself in over your head.

Creature of the Wood, by Tricky PixieNormally, I would not think it was okay to put two songs by the same group back to back, but since this group has two lead singers, I feel it works out *fine*. For all that it's kind of predatory, I think this has a kind of shameless delight in physicality that I liked. Also, I needed more songs about men.

Dance me to the End of Love, by Leonard Cohen

Needed to be here. Kind of the complement of the one before.

Toki ni ai Wa, from the Utena movie

Dancing, friendship, love and lesbians.

For Your EntertainmentI suspect this needs no explanation. It was the second song that it occurred to me to use for this mix.

T'en va PasDon't have any idea who this is by, or what it's about, really, but it's soft and sweet and it wanted to be here.

Only the Music, by Heather Alexander

Dancing again! Because this may be the mix about the fantasy houses of french prostitution, but the Court of Night wasn't really just about the sex.

Take Advantage of Me, by Seanan McGuireI debated with myself about including this, because it's kind of referential, but I wanted it in, so.

S&M, by RihannaTo complement Mr. Lambert above. Most of this mix is about balance, actually, about different elements sort of spinning around each other. Not sure I achieved it, but this is actually one of the most structured mixes I've put together.

Tonight and the Rest of My Life, by Nina Gordon

About the connections, and the emotions. What follows and what lies behind. Also, I like this song.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight, by John BarrowmanNot "by", I suppose, but recorded by. Because I wanted a Barrowman song in here. Purely self indulgent.

Daughter of the Glade, by Tricky Pixie

The complement of Creature of the Wood, obvs. Didn't really mean to have so many songs by one group, but I have made my peace with it.

No Cheap Thrill, by Suzanne Vega

So, though several of these did remind me of specific houses, I didn't really try to do a this song for this house kind of thing, except here, really, which is mostly for Bryony.

Because the Night, by 10,000 Maniacs

Just because I wanted to.

Apprentice, by Vixy and TonyAnd this was the first song I wanted for the mix. It's technically about Inara, but I think we can all agree that that's appropriate.



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