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So, for this edition of the Quarterly mix exchange, the topic was "color", and the specific color I was assigned was a peachy-pink poppy color which Brina, who chose it, called "Tequila Sunrise". I had a plan for this color; I was going to create an Alice in Wonderland themed playlist, and it was going to be charming.

I have literally *no idea* how this happened instead-- but this is the mix that wanted to be created, and I eventually caved.  It is about sunrise, and sunset, and the ocean.  And mermaids. 

1.  Wind in the Pipes, by Meg Davis
2. Ocean, by Dar Williams
3. Erased, by Vixy and Tony
4. Calypso, by Suzanne Vega
5. Ariel, by October Project
6. Diamond Crevasse, by Sheryl Nome
7. Arms of the Sea, by Heather Alexander
8. Captain Jack and the Mermaid, by Meg Davis
9. In the Sea, Soundtrack: The Last Unicorn
10. Calling the Moon, by Dar Williams
11. Voices of the Sea, by Heather Alexander
12. Scarlet, by Iwao Junko
13. Still Catch the Tide, by Seanan McGuire
14. Tell me What the Rain Knows, by Yoko Kanno
15. First Rising Tide, by Alexander Adams
16. Into the West, Soundtrack: Return of the King
17. Balance of Nature, by Alexander Adams
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