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In the persuit of imposing some kind of order on my online life, I'm posting some of the old mix cd lists I've made for purposes of sharing with friends and not actually ever linked anywhere that they could be found.  Should my unusual and possibly questionable musical tastes and how I relate said tastes to to random concepts be of no interest to you, my appologies.

This particular mix was made by me about half a year ago, and is my ode/love letter to seasons 4 & 5 of Supernatural,  a show that is occasionally wildly problematic, but which I couldn't help loving anyway.

Apocalypse Now (Megaupload link)

Working Class Hero, by Green DayThis song is for Dean. And Sam, but mostly Dean. It has reminded me of him ever since I first heard it, with it's atmosphere of a man staggering beneath blows, and carrying on because he can't let himself do less. In a lot of my playlists, the first track is kind of an overview of the path of the whole mix, and I can't say that's not the case here.

Hard Rock Hallelujah, by LordiThere is a ton of hair metal in this mix, I'm not gonna lie. This song is for the apocalypse, and is more of a stage-setting piece here than anything else.

Eye of the TigerI had to do it, and I'm not even a little bit sorry. Dean again, obviously, and where the first song was him stripped bare, this is more Dean as he presents himself, and wants to be seen. Also, this is now firmly at the beginning of season 4, when his life might objectively suck, but he is not yet so beat down as he gets by the end of the apocalypse.

Vater Unser, by E NomineEntrance of Castiel. Yes, this is a german techno version of the Lord's Prayer.

Bad Moon Rising, by Creedence Clearwater Revival

The Apocalypse, getting started. This and the next are basically atmospheric plot points, here to show the movement of the overall story arc.

Symphony of Destruction, by Megadeath

This is the escalation both of the apocalypse, and of the disintegration of the bonds between the brothers.

Unforgiven, by MetallicaThis is doing double duty here; representing Dean's lashing out at Sam for certain blood-drinking incidents, and at himself for breaking in Hell, as well as Sam's doubts over the path he's found himself in. Basically, is the sundering of their relationship due to inability to trust themselves or each other, or talk about their feelings.

We're Not Gonna Take It, by Twisted SisterBecause all of the above doesn't really stop them, and even when they don't like each other very much, and aren't talking, they still love each other, and stand together. Ish. Also represents the general middle finger extended towards the plans and manipulations of heaven.

The Truth Beneath the Rose, by Within Temptation

Castiel, deciding to stand with Dean rather than with Heaven. I have little else to say about this one; Appropriate Song is Appropriate.

Armageddon a Go Go, by Phoebe LegereEnd of season 4; beginning of the Apocalypse proper. This song may be here largely because it is a strange little thing that I kind of like, and will definitely have no other opportunities to use.

Blood on Blood, by Bon JoviIn which Our Heroes get over themselves, and remember that they love each other even when they're dumb. This song is appropriate enough that it could have been written about them.

Sympathy for the Devil, by Guns n' Roses

Because Lucifer deserves a song, because A. I like this song, and B. this is one of my favorite portrayals of Lucy ever. (Nick version; Sam version doesn't really work for me.)

You're Right, I was Wrong, by MeatloafOkay, so, the fact that I'm using what are technically love songs to represent the relationship of Sam and Dean should not be taken a shipping of them, because I don't (and I have the enormous catalogue of Cas/Dean fic bookmarks on my delicious to prove it). Post The End; in which Dean gets the rest of the way over himself.

Breaking a Habbit, by Linkin Park

Sam. Ostensibly, about him having to get over the demon blood thing, metaphorically about his massive anger management issues as well.

Personal Jesus, by Marilyn Manson

Cas again. Because one can argue that he doesn't replace is fading faith in God with faith in Dean, but if one did, one would be wrong.

Oh Death, by someone, I don't know who

This would be for Death, because it was necessary.

Did I Say That, by MeatloafBecause apparently, I feel that Meatloaf represents the relationship between Sam and Dean. Apparently. This is Dean's reaction to Swan Song.

Wayward Son, by KansasBecause it is required, that's why.

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