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So, as previously threatened, this is another of my older mixes. This need to make this one kind of struck like a bolt of lightening when I first heard the song that has since become track no. 1.

This is, as should surprise no one who knows me and my tastes in characters very well, a Lucifer playlist. Not Supernatural Lucifer --though there are, of course, elements-- not any specific Lucifer. This is the archetype of the devil as a literary figure, and to my great satisfaction, I believe it is both narratively and theologically sound. Fundamentally, it's about pride, the destructiveness thereof, and how redemption can be had for the asking but not at any other price.

An unfortunate number of the songs on this playlist turn up on other lists I've made, but it can't be helped; I think I managed to be using them all very differently here. This is conceived as a dialogue between the Devil, God, and Man, and is one of my absolute favorites of all the mixes I've made.

A Man of Wealth and Taste

To avoid overdramtic tripe, instead of a detailed breakdown of the whyfors and meanings of each song, I'm just going to identify who is speaker, and who is spoken to.

Red Right Hand, by Vixy and Tony

A cover, obviously. This is just a prologue/overture kind of thing, setting the stage, atmospherically.

Lucifer, by SHINee

The actual lyrics aren't what's important here, but this is from Lucifer, to Lucifer

Mephistopheles, by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

From Lucifer, to Man

Addicted to Bad Ideas, by the World/Inferno Friendship Society

From Lucifer, to God (and Man, and himself; Lucifer talks to himself a lot in this mix)

This is Gallifrey, our Childhood, Our Home, from the 3rd season Doctor Who soundtrack

Instrumental, but is representing an internal movement for Lucifer

Stars, from Les Miserables

Mankind, to Lucifer (and to Man, and a little bit to God; this is performance more than dialogue)

I Am (The Doppleganger's Song), by Seanan McGuire

Lucifer, to Man

Man in the Long Black Coat, by I have no idea who

Outside observer (so, God, I suppose); to Man

Punishment Devine, by Blind Guardian

Lucifer, to God (and to himself; because he's pretty much always engaged in performance art for the benefit of himself here)

Everybody Wants to Rule the World, by Tears for Fears

Lucifer, to himself, and to Man

Sympathy for the Devil, by Guns'n'Roses

Lucifer, to Man, and himself

The Future, by Leonard Cohen

Lucifer, to God, man, himself, the world

The Cross, by Within Temptation

God, to Lucifer

God's Gonna Cut You Down, by Johnny Cash

Man, to Lucifer

Undertow, by Suzanne Vega

Lucifer, to himself, and to Man

Blood Tears, by Blind Guardian

Lucifer, to himself, and to God

Lucifer, by Leslie Fish

Lucifer, to Man

Devil Went Down to Georgia, by the Charlie Daniels Band

Okay, this is just here because I had to do it.

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